Can you find and add friendship links at will?➻➻What are the ways to obtain friendship links?

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➻➻This article will talk about whether you can find and add friendship links at will, and what corresponding knowledge is there on how to obtain friendship links Point, I hope it will be helpful to everyone, don't forget to bookmark this site. A list of the contents of this article: 1. Is it okay to send a link to this website for website friendship links? 2. Can you make website friendship links casually? 3. What should you pay attention to when exchanging friendship links? 4. Do you want to directly add the other party when exchanging friendship links? Is it okay to use the website? Can you send me a link to this website? 1. As long as you want, of course you can add a friendship link at will. But if you want to consider SEO optimization, you have to think carefully. Generally speaking, it is best not to deliberately link between your own websites, and sprocket penalties are possible. 2. As long as this method is not used too much, you can add an import link to some internal sections of the website (or the homepage of your own website) to guide search engine spiders to crawl, but if there are too many such internal links, it may cause users and If search engines don't trust their own website, then the loss outweighs the gain. 3. It’s not completely useless, because when others see your website, if they think your website is good, they will ask to make a link to their website on your website, and they will copy the link on your own website Go to their website as a reason for them to ask you to link to them. 4. Yes, there will be no problem. You just make a link. If you connect to other people's content, it will not work. 5. No. Finding links with high weight can drive the weight of your website, and on the contrary, websites with low weight will also drag down the weight of your website. Can website friendly links be made casually? No. Finding links with high weight can drive the weight of your website, and on the contrary, websites with low weight will also drag down the weight of your website. Links. What I understand is to put your own related websites in the added position, you can add some popular and familiar people Hu links, increase rankings and clicks, it is undoubtedly a good free promotion, of course the links you add must be true and legal . As for what you add there is no special requirement. Friendship links: We all know the benefits of friendship links, but friendship links cannot be added casually. External links: When it comes to external links, many SEOs have a headache, because posting external links is too time-consuming and boring, and posting external links is very annoying. I think this is what every webmaster resonates with. As long as the friendly link comes from a regular website, it will definitely not be punished. At most, the link will not be included in Google's external link count. Just a few friend chains are enough. The focus of foreign trade promotion work is not on friend chains, not even on Google SEO. As long as the PR value is comparable, there should not be too much difference. Look at the friendship link attribute of the other party’s website. If rel=“nofollow” appears in the friendship link in the source code of the other party’s website, it means that search engines are blocked from tracking the friendship link, and such friendship links do not pass weight. What should I pay attention to when exchanging friendship links? Pay attention to whether the keywords of the other party’s friendship links are consistent with the keywords of your website. Some of them have changed their own keywords to increase the keyword density of their own website homepage. Such ones should be kept at a respectful distance. Do not exchange frequently. The work of friendship links needs to be done step by step. Persist in it. You must pursue quality and not quantity. One good link can be worth 10 bad friendship links. If you exchange too many links in one day, it will attract the attention of search engines. , It is easy to be misjudged as buying a link, and it may be punished. Find friendship links related to your own website: When exchanging friendship links, you need to choose a website related to your own industry to exchange, preferably a website in the same industry, which is more conducive to increasing the traffic of the website. To exchange friendship links, can you just add the other party’s website directly? Add their friendship link LOGO and URL in the background of your website, and go to the other party’s website to apply Friendship link [generally have this function] or directly link to the webmaster to link, after the other party agrees, the two sites will exchange friendship links. Friendship link exchange, link the two sites to each other's site. But look for a site that is similar to your own site. The content of the other party’s website and the friendship link can’t be added casually as long as the weight is high. Before exchanging links, you must first determine what the content of the other party’s website is. If it is related to your own industry, if there is no relationship at all, such a link exchange is useless. . Can you find links and add them casually about friendship links and what are the ways to obtain friendship links? This is the end of the introduction. I wonder if you found the information you need from it? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Can you find and add friendship links at will?➻➻What are the ways to obtain friendship links?


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